INTERMOST LLC runs its activity together with leading Russian art gallery
Alma Mater

Since 1992, Alma Mater Gallery has specialized in paintings and sculpture from Russia. Along with this specialty, other related fields, such as Russian Impression, Moderns and Contemporary have been a focus within their collection.

Alma Mater Gallery was recognized as one of the oldest gallery in modern Russia with the outstanding collection of contemporary Russian art. For last 20 years Alma Mater Gallery has successfully cooperated with a number of European, Asian and US Art Galleries and Private Collectors.

The main goal of Alma Mater Gallery is to discover and present to the public unique talents from ground-breaking contemporary visionaries to historical masters who are active today.


Intermost company assists motion picture studious to create mutually beneficial cooperation between national-level film makers in different countries, and to assist companies to distribute their products in the United States as well as American film-makers’ products abroad.

Intermost is offering assistance in collaboration in areas such as making and distributing films/movies, establishing an international distribution network, attracting leading directors, screenwriters and actors to film in Ukraine and Russia and subsequently facilitating directors, screenwriters and actors to make movies in Hollywood.

Intermost will help to create strong mutually beneficial contacts between American and Eastern European film studious through:

- Organizing contacts with leading actors, directors, screenwriters from Hollywood who would participate and support mutual projects

- Organizing workshops and master-classes for young artists in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries

- Assisting and participating in national film festivals.

- Participating in joint film projects.

Our affiliates render all types of service connected with film and television production including organizing location anywhere in Russia and the CIS countries, organizing interior and stage shooting, building of scenery on set and on location, post production including films processing, distribution and marketing of projects in the Russian and select foreign markets.


Intermost LLC assists young and professional painters from the different countries to present their arts in the leading international art exhibitions.

During the decades of our activity in cooperation with our partner in Russia, Alma Mater gallery, we have organized art exhibitions in New Zealand, Japan, China, Great Britain, Germany, Holland and Russia.

The best way to create the name of the artist and to increase the value of the painting or art is to show your creatures at the world famous international exhibitions, Art Fairs and Art Expo Worldwide.

It is very costly to participate in the most leading international art exhibitions even for big galleries, but you may afford it if you joint your colleagues.

INTERMOST LLC will assist the artists to chose the leading international art fairs and art expo in Moscow (Russia), Beijing and Shanghai (China) and to present your art at the best art markets in the World.